Select awards

Master of Photography, Professional Photographers of America (1972) 

First Place, Monochrome Print, Rochester NY: Photographic Society of America • Best Monochrome Print, Seattle WA: Photographic Society of America • Professional Excellence in Photography, Photography West Convention • “Best out-of-Province” Professional Photographers of British Columbia • Masters Exhibit, Professional Photographers of America • Honor Print, Salon of Photography 1965, “Seagull” • Ninth International Salon of Photography (Oregon 1966) First Ribbon, • Cover Showcase Image • 75th Annual Exhibition of Professional Photography, Chicago, Ill • Best B/W Print – 20th International North American Exhibit. CA 1968 “Elizabeth” • Bronze Medal – Monochrome Prints. Oregon. “Vickie” • Best B/W in Show. Chicago, IL 1969 “Elizabeth” • Ray Atkeson Award. Oregon State Fair. 1972 “Silver Creek Falls” • Silver Medal – Color. Oregon. 1973 “Group of 2 – Untitled” • Gold Medal – Monochrome Print, International Salon of Photography (First Oregon photographer to achieve this honor.) • First Place, Oregon. 1966 “Elizabeth” • Best in Show – Color Print. Teaneck, NJ 1976 “Johnny” • Professional Photographer Magazine (twice featured) • Gold Medal – Photographic Society of America, International Exhibit 1981 “Leo & Daughter” • Black and White Prints (1987) Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Oregon • Poster artist Salem Art Fair (2002), Salem Art Association • Vistas of the Migrant (2002) Bush Barn Art Center, Salem Oregon • Sports Media Award (2005) Oregon Athletic Coaches Association • Professional Photographers of America, Traveling Annual Exhibitions, 1966, 1967, 1968; Black and White honors 1968; Two gold ribbons, blue ribbon, 1968 • Professional Photographers of Oregon 17th annual convention; 4 trophies, 2 gold medals • Professional Photographers of Oregon 20th annual convention; Best B/W portrait; Best Print in Show; 3 trophies, 4 gold medals • Professional Photographers of Oregon; Multiple awards 1969 • Professional Photographers of Washington; Gold Ribbon 1966; Gold Ribbon 1966; Blue Ribbon 1966; Blue Ribbon 1966; Honorable Mention 1967; Honorable Mention 1968; Honorable Mention 1969; Multiple awards,1969• Professional Photographers of British Columbia; Trophy Award 1967; Honorable Mention 1967; Honorable Mention 1967; Honorable Mention 1967; Honorable Mention 1967; Honorable Mention 1967; Honorable Mention 1967 • Professional Photographers of Montana; First Place 1968; Multiple exhibitions, 1969 • Professional Photographers of Idaho; First Place 1968 • Boston International Exhibition of Photography; Honor Print 1969 • 78th Annual Exhibition of Professional Photography, New York, New York; Featured 1969 • Professional Photographers of Montana; Multiple exhibitions, 1969 • International Exhibition of Photography, 53rd Orange Show; Honor Award 1968 “Meditation”

This list is not yet complete; it will be updated as necessary. We are currently researching Richard’s archives to complete this list. These awards are the ones that have been found and authenticated so far.