About Richard & Christina Stefani

We pronounce it "Stef-ani" 


Richard Stefani
M. Photog A.S.P.

Master photographer Richard Stefani specializes in art that celebrates the timeless beauty of America’s landscape. A full-time professional artist since 1962, he is a sought-after portrait and fine art photographer, winning numerous accolades and awards over the decades.

For almost 50 years Richard created moving portraits of people from all walks of life, from social commentary to families to political figures. He often lectured about photographic technique and served as a print judge throughout the US and Canada.


Christina Stefani

Christina Stefani spent 15 years as an art director, print designer and illustrator specializing in the healthcare field. Despite commercial and financial success, she realized that she needed to stop using her talents to sell products she didn't believe in. She now devotes her time to creating art that brightens people’s lives.

Christina is known for her enchanting color combinations and timeless images that never go out of style. Her unique aesthetic evokes personal and supernatural experiences. She believes in the power of art to heal our minds, souls and bodies.


Richard and Christina are known for their passion, professionalism and dedication to artistic excellence. Their art hangs in public and private collections worldwide.


The evolution: from 1967 to today


Stefani Photography
1967 to 1980

Richard's first portrait studio and gallery on First Street in Woodburn, Oregon. 

Stefani Photography in Salem OR

Stefani Photography
1973 to 2006

Portrait studio and gallery location on Liberty Street in Salem, Oregon.

Stefani Fine Art is located at The Cactus House in Salem Oregon

Stefani Fine Art
2007 to present day

101 year old "The Cactus House," the studio and gallery location today. In 2016 the name changed to Stefani Fine Art. 


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